Mayor Pete at the Iowa Steak Fry

Steak Fry with Mayor Pete Buttigieg in Des Moines, Iowa Sept. 21, 2019\r(Photo: Chuck Kennedy/Pete for America)

The steak fry is one of the great test cases before the caucus to demonstrate that you can get a group of committed people to show up at a time and place and spend the day in support of your campaign. This is essentially what the caucus will be about. I was personally there and gathered these media pieces and Pete definitely had the biggest showing.

Google drive with my photos and videos and twitter media:
Folks should be able to open this link and download and modify whatever they need

Added to Youtube for easier links: 

March from the side view:
March from the front at the steak fry entrance:

Pete’s speech at Pre-march rally:

CSPAN speech:

CSPAN coverage of Pete’s March, flipping steaks & serving beers:


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