Why I believe Mayor Pete can beat Trump

*This is a long read, so feel free to only read or watch what you want to, please don’t feel compelled to read it all* You can also go to www.meetpete.org to search any topic and see related videos.

The most important question a candidate has to be able to answer is: Why are you running for President: https://meetpete.org/IpeNWhbbyDI.html?time=41

This is a moment that calls for something completely new, and it would be good to have voices from the industrial Midwest which my party largely ignored in 2016. A President from the millennial generation has more of a stake in the future of climate change, we grew up experiencing school shootings leading to a greater willingness to enact gun reform, and we’ll be responsible for the fiscal mess of the current tax policy.

While it is a non traditional path, he has 8 years of executive-on-the-ground experience, we would be better off if Congress starting looking like America’s best run cities and towns. As a city, we can’t just shut down the city if we disagree about a policy, we deliver water and you need water to live. We just have to work it out, which is a skill that will serve well working with Congress. Click here for another video about why he is running

Skills that translate from being Mayor to President 1. Pass & implement good policies 2. Capability run an administration 3. Drawing people together in difficult times. He has experience responding to emergencies, working with labor interests & city to find a win-win, managing infrastructure projects. Video describing above skills. He ran for mayor to revitalize South Bend after it was listed as one of the nation’s dying cities by Newsweek in 2011. He took on the challenge of reversing that fate and did has accomplished a great deal. Here is an article from Indy Star about his successes. WashPost Article “The Most Interesting Mayor you’ve never heard of”

Everyone wants to know if Mayor Pete can beat Donald Trump. Yes he can! He knows why Trump won the industrial Midwest in 2016. Even though Trump and voters probably knew he couldn’t bring their jobs back, just talking about it and made people feel heard, that he cared about them and that he was talking to them. Democrats spent too much time talking about our candidate, campaigning against Trump and discussing policy points without rooting those policies in our values and talking about outcomes for everyday people. Video Here Democrats were normalizing the country in 2016 and Trump was the choice for people who wanted change and felt the country wasn’t working for them. Now that they have realized that was a big mistake, they are again looking for change, not as crazy as Trump, but still something that is going to offer them change from what they know. Video about how Mayor Pete is the change they are looking for.

How Mayor Pete will win. He’s already demonstrated that he is talking about values, listening to voters, building trust and proving his authenticity. He’s from industrial Midwest and can point to successes he has had in South Bend that he can translate into success he can bring to other cities and towns all over the US. He can provide real evidence based proof to voters of how he can help them improve their lives.

He knows we can’t just campaign against Trump and Mayor Pete rarely even says the President’s name. He’s willing to call Trump out when he says or does something wrong, but the campaign has got to focus on what the voters want to see for change. For example, instead of just talking about a health care solution, Mayor Pete is talking about how healthcare ties to our freedom to live our lives how we want, to make health decisions without concern for financial status, to start a business or quit a job without worrying about having healthcare. Connecting policy to values makes it easy to understand why it’s important and voters can see themselves in those examples. It also makes it much harder for Republicans to refute our policies when voters can see themselves in the solution. Click here for video describing how Mayor Pete can win

When he talks about climate change as a security issue, it makes climate change a much more urgent issue and harder to refute as a serious problem. When you relate climate change to security it helps define it as an actual national emergency. When climate change causes unprecedented flooding, wild fires, hurricanes & tornados…etc the result are security risks which is anything that has the potential to harm you and your community. All of the damage to infrastructure, personal homes, commercial buildings, the loss of lives are all security risks. Click Here for Video describing climate as a security issue.

We may not be targeting Republicans in the General Election, but we will want to talk to independent voters especially in the Midwest and we have to be able to do that in a way that will be receptive. Mayor Pete campaigned around the state of IN when he ran for State Treasurer and part of the problem is that there is virtually no influence of progressive values in many of these communities. Democratic candidates aren’t talking to them and they become conditioned by right wing media. It’s easy to be judgmental of Trump voters but that approach is only going to turn them off from hearing your message.

Mayor Pete will focus on the values and policies that there is agreement on and build from there. Instead of talking about gun control, he’ll talk about universal background checks, a policy that has polled extremely well. He can appeal to their inherent values of freedom and security and transition into how progressive policies fit into those values and how that will directly impact their lives. Video about talking to independent voters.

There is data to support that we have fair chance to see the US elect a gay president. We really won’t know until we do and with Mayor Pete I think it’s a risk worth taking. In a recent poll in 2018, 67% of respondents were acceptable of same sex marriage and the political break down was: 83% of respondents who identified as Democrats said they support legal recognition of same-sex marriage, while 44% of Republican respondents and 71% of independents expressed support. Video from Mayor Pete on the topic

When I hear Pete Buttigieg speak, I feel that he cares about regular everyday people and their concerns. He genuinely listens and always has a detailed answer even if the result of the answer is that he doesn’t have a specific plan yet, the answer indicates that he has thought about a variety of ideas others have presented, which is what intelligent, learning based people do. Video with this story

I admire how he has shared so many experiences in his life that help us relate to him. Probably the most vulnerable story is how hard it was for him to accept himself as gay, how he struggled as a teen with this realization, and how he finally decided to come out because after serving in Afghanistan and realizing he could die without ever knowing what it was like to be in love, he wanted to have a personal life. This story shows me that he can have genuine empathy for others who have similar struggles in their lives. I deeply appreciate his willingness to share such a personal story. Video with this story

It’s refreshing to see such a loving relationship between Mayor Pete and his husband Chasten, a middle school teacher. They talk often about how they met, their first date and endearing details about their lives. Mayor Pete often talks about how much support Chasten offers him to make this bid for President and Chasten has enthusiastically become a huge surrogate for the campaign. It just warms my heart to see the two of them interact, how happy they look and just speaks to the authenticity of Mayor Pete as a person and a candidate. Video of Pete telling this story Chasten telling this story

Mayor Pete’s educational background and languages spoken is well established but what stands out to me to the most is his skill in breaking down complicated issues into easy to understand stories. He notes that this is courtesy of his being a Mayor because he has to do that to communicate with his own constituents. One of my favorite stories is how he wants to help the country come together and trust each other the same way he experienced in Afghanistan. While deployed, he rarely had anything in common with fellow military personnel, including politics and policy positions, but as he says, no one cared if he was going home to a woman or a man, they cared if he could perform his role in the military and keep his peers safe. We as Americans would do so much better if we all could get to a point where we respected and understood our neighbors regardless of politics but Mayor Pete thinks we shouldn’t have to join the military to get that experience. One way he hopes to foster this level of respect to all Americans is investing in National Service programs. Video on this topic

What really inspires me from a political perspective is his commitment to reclaiming political topics the right has tried to take over from us and talking about them in easy to understand value statements. It’s important that we can articulate the WHY behind our policy positions. Freedom, Security and Democracy are the pillars of Mayor Pete’s values. We need healthcare reform because you aren’t free if you can’t start a new business because if you quit your job you will not have healthcare. You aren’t free and it is a financial security risk to your family if you have to make life saving healthcare decisions based on whether or not your family can afford it. Video about healthcare freedom

Mayor Pete talks about how having Medicare for his parents has allowed him and his family to make healthcare decisions based solely on what was best for his family, and that is a freedom he wants for all Americans. His father died earlier this year and he talks about the medication and procedures that would have been prohibitively expensive if not for Medicare. He also talks about how much it meant to have Chasten in his life and to help him care for his parents during this time including the fact that the hospital was able to recognize Chasten as a legal part of his family, something that may not have been possible before the Supreme Court decided same sex marriage was legal. Video telling this story

This video talksabout Freedom of Reproductive rights, Freedom to organize, Freedom to Marry, Democracy, Gerrymandering, voting rights for DC & Puerto Rico, electoral college, Security more than building a wall from sea to shining sea, more than military, means cyber security, election security, climate security, floods, fires

His position on healthcare is to add Medicare to the exchange as a public option and assuming we are all right that people will use this plan, we’ll be able to move into a Medicare for All plan. Video here

Meet with the Press interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=695&v=X4ReHML0BHQ

11:30 – religion

He talks about how we can reclaim religion on the left as when he reads scripture he sees it supporting our progressive values: Lifting up the least among us, taking care of strangers, focusing your effort on the poor, humbling yourself before others. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to talk about religion and have it support progressive values? This would go along way towards connecting with Religious independents and might help with the black community that is often very faith based. https://meetpete.org/rJCwUwziRvY.html?time=551

12:50 – Abortion

Moral question not settled by science, the best way to determine this in practice is by the person who faces the choice, and when a woman is facing this decision in her life, the most useful person to help is a doctor, not a male govt official imposing he interpretation of his religion.

13:45 – gun rights

2nd amendment: Shall not be infringed does not mean a nuclear weapon, somewhere between a slingshot and a nuclear weapon we have to decide where we want to draw the line. My freedom of speech doesn’t include yelling fire in a crowded theater, my right to swing my fist stops where someone else’s nose begins. There are commons sense limits and thinking society can live by while making sure we honor the lifestyle of sporting and the idea that people should be equipped to defend themselves if needed.

Black Agenda: Entrepreneurship, criminal justice reform, home ownership – intentional segregation requires intentional steps to fix , public education – title 1 schools, health: diabetes, maternal and infant mortality. https://meetpete.org/zunsfxjyOAE.html?time=1157

Reparations: https://meetpete.org/zunsfxjyOAE.html?time=1261

10/20/30 Certain amount of resources: 20% people in poverty for 30 years lots of federal programs/funds to help with home repair, housing, vacant & abandon houses

Map those funds to neighborhoods with a proven record of redlining, what can we do to keep these homeowners in their homes especially with gentrification Reparations: https://meetpete.org/zunsfxjyOAE.html?time=1329https://meetpete.org/GJC-L5WtJug.html?time=816https://clyburn.house.gov/10-20-30-amendment

Various other links I thought would be good to share with the most information and Q & A’s

You can also go to www.meetpete.org to search any topic and see related videos.

Mayor Pete handling Iowa anti- gay Hecklers https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=5&v=zjjwPisLwlY

Why President & not a more local office: https://meetpete.org/sk1rqjuzB3o.html?time=3276

CBS Extended interview with Pete & Chasten https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BukHlw2oXZQ&t=265s

Cute Gay Moments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIznSbky-Aw&t=266s

Announcement Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtAHTlogN-4

Original March 10 Town Hall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLz_1XoQd3k

This was much more substantive than the most recent town hall.

April 22 CNN Townhall – Specifically address the police chief issue & push back on the 1,000 homes in 1,000 days program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtPGsaPsrOE

Q&A in Iowa w/ voters https://www.c-span.org/video/?457645-1/south-bend-mayor-pete-buttigieg-meets-iowa-voters

Iowa Book Festival Q & A: https://youtu.be/3oDLSWsLc18

NH Politics & Eggs Q&A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTZIOtuYCXY

Asian & Latino Coalition Q & A Des Moines IA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qdzptAadaZ8

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